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What are the System Requirements for the Arabic Proficiency Test (APT)? ▼

Browsers: IE9+, Firefox 18+, Safari 5+, Chrome Browser needs to accept cookies and have JavaScript enabled

Bandwidth: 512kbps per concurrent user recommended (ex. 10 Mbps supports 20 concurrent users)

Domain accessibility: Do not block outbound requests (port 80/443) to:


Headphones with Microphone

Teacher/Proctor/Administrators may need access to color printer, scanner if administering the writing section as handwritten

What are the headphone requirements? ▼

We strongly recommend using headphones that completely cover the ears, blocking out much of the surrounding sound, with built-in microphones. Smaller earbuds or foam headsets that just sit on top of the ear may negatively affect the sound quality.

What is the approximate time that it takes a student for the testing? ▼

Each skill is assessed separately, and can be administered independently.

The productive skills (writing and speaking) must follow the corresponding receptive skills, since the test is computer adaptive. (For example, the prompts delivered for writing are determined by the student’s reading score.) Here are the expected times:

Reading: 35-40 minutes

Writing: 20-25 minutes

Listening: 35-40 minutes

Speaking: 20-25 minutes

With the paper/pencil option for writing (see below), it will be most efficient to give the reading test on one day, and the writing test on a following day. This is recommended since the system will print out a unique sheet for each student, with appropriate writing prompts and a barcode to identify the student's work once it is scanned and uploaded.

Our recommendation is to give the reading test as session 1; writing as session 2; listening as session 3; and speaking may be combined with listening or administered as session 4.

What is the price? ▼

For pricing information or to make a purchase, please call our Sales Team at 1.888.731.7887 or email us at

Is the price for a one-time-a-year assessment, or does it include more than one administration? ▼

The price is for one administration of the test. If you wish to administer it more than once per year, we will be happy to work with you.

Do you have any tests for Arabic (either for native speakers or for Arabic as a Foreign Language) that are appropriate for elementary-age students? ▼

The APT is available in three levels: Grades 3-5; Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12. STAMP 4S for Arabic is available for Secondary or Tertiary (Grades 7 and above). STAMP 4Se for Arabic is available for Secondary or Elementary (Grades 2-6).

How are the results reported? ▼

Individual student reports and class reports are available in English. Arabic translations of the Benchmarks and Rubric Guide are available on our website.

When are the results available? ▼

Individual student Reading and Listening scores are available immediately after the test is completed. Individual student Writing and Speaking scores are available within 10 days after submission.

Would we need Arabic keyboards or some kind of keyboard overlay for assessing students in Arabic? ▼

For information on loading an Arabic keyboard and using an on-screen keyboard see the Writing Input Guide.

If administering the Writing section as handwritten, you will not need to load keyboards as this part of the test will be paper and pen. Proctors will need to print the writing prompts for test takers.

Will this work on both Mac, PC and Chrome platforms? ▼

Yes, as long as there is a current browser and connection to the Internet.

Would we need to purchase a server or use an existing server we have, or is the entire test web-based? ▼

The entire test is web-based. We host and deliver, as well as archive the results and reports for 24/7/365 access.

What is the difference between the Arabic Proficiency Test and the Avant STAMP for Arabic Test? ▼

The APT is a monolingual test built for native Arabic speakers. The Avant STAMP test is an English-administered test for students studying Arabic as a foreign language. Please visit our website and view the different assessments listed under the “assessment” link.

Is Avant STAMP available for other languages? ▼

Yes! We also offer the Avant STAMP Test in these languages: Cantonese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (traditional and simplified), Russian and Spanish.

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