The $1000 JNCL Spanish Challenge - Who Won?

Mike and I have finished our three-month Spanish challenge. To find out who won, we both completed the STAMP assessment this week.

And the winner is ---- Mike Biglan!

We both grew more than one level, but Mike just eked out a victory. Mike grew an average of 1.5 levels per domain, while I grew by 1.25. We both started with an aggregate average level of Intermediate Low, and finished at Intermediate Mid.

It was interesting to see that the domains where we grew the most were directly connected to the way we approached the challenge. Mike has two children in Eugene's outstanding Buena Vista Spanish Immersion School so he spoke with them everyday in Spanish. Mike's Speaking and Writing scores each grew by two levels. I focused on reading the newspaper online and listening to Univision's "Despierta America" in the morning. Not surprisingly, my Reading and Listening scores grew by two levels.

This has been a wonderful adventure. It reminded me of both the challenge of learning a new language, and the tremendous excitement of accessing a different way of thinking and perceiving the world. I truly enjoyed being able to study the content and the domains that I was most interested in. This challenge convinced both Mike and me that this was the beginning, not the end of our Spanish learning adventure.

And finally, we are very happy to support the great work that the JNCL does to promote and support the language field. Here is a photo of me giving the $1,000 check from Avant to the Executive Director of the JNCL Dr. Bill Rivers. 

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