David Learns Spanish - Day Five

Left Miami and there was no more Spanish talk radio. Bummer. So I started looking online for radio broadcasts. I found some but couldn't download them on my phone. I finally got one to download from Madrid radio, but I couldn't understand it at all. So I tried downloading a free Spanish learning program. I wasn't interested in studying short phrases spoken slowly with vocabulary I didn't care about. Maybe I'm crazy, but I want to learn from real language even if I barely understand it.

So I picked up one of those free Spanish tabloids with lots of ads for lawyers and restaurants. I struggled through a short article about president Trump's budget and the health care proposal. Thanks to Google translate I can pick out and translate individual words or phrases and even keep a list of ones I want to memorize. I imagine most people already know about this, but it is new to me and it's fun to work with.  So now I have found an article about a Spanish teacher who moved with her family to Florida from Puerto Rico in search of opportunity.

My method is a lot like the one I remember using when I was studying at a language school in Tokyo. I would go to the language lab - really just a room with a couple of tape recorders and headphones, and just repeat and repeat sentences out loud. This gives me confidence in uttering words as phrases and sentences and gives me some building blocks. It also seems to help me memorize them and, even more importantly, it gives me a feel for flow and for the music of the language. Spanish is very different music than Japanese or French, but they are all beautiful, just different.

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