David Learns Spanish - Day Twenty

I have been reminded that learning a language is a humbling exercise. Once the euphoria about learning a lot of new words and expressions wore off, I was faced with the reality that this is work, and that I really need to have a cohesive plan that I stick to. So,  I confess, I took last week off. Yes, I was busy, but like everything else, if it's important to me I will make time for it. No more excuses.

So this week I am back on track. I have been using the Online Lesson Authoring from Transparent Language and love it. It lets me import a piece of text and then it automatically builds exercises around the vocabulary that I select in the text. I am using an article about a Panamanian Airline that is buying a new type of airplane that will enable it to expand its business. There is lots of great vocabulary that is of interest to me. It is also forcing me to focus on how articles are used - a, al, en, para, como, por, etc. They seem to be used differently than in English, so I am having trouble getting my mind to open up and accept the ways that they work. But I can see some progress.

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