Important update to the Scoring Criteria for STAMP: On November 1, 2021, Avant’s scoring criteria that is used to evaluate test taker Writing and Speaking responses was updated. Learn more here.

STAMP WS (formerly WorldSpeak)
Guides for Testing Coordinators

Important Scoring Criteria Update

On November 1, 2021, Avant’s scoring criteria that is used to evaluate test taker writing and speaking responses was updated. These changes will not apply retroactively. To access information about Avant reports before this change, please click here.

Based on user feedback and requests to have more detailed information about individual Writing and Speaking responses, Avant has updated its rating process and results reports. The Avant STAMP scoring details now has the following three new features:

  • Level Zero (0) Score 
  • Not Ratable (NR) Status
  • High (H) and Low (L) Score Indicators

See more information below.

Updated April 2022

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