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What Language Test Should Avant Add Next?

Our Mission

We believe that all multi-lingual students deserve the opportunity to earn the Seal of Biliteracy or school credit and showcase their language proficiency skills to schools and employers - no matter what their language may be. This is why Avant created Avant WorldSpeak to measure the speaking and writing proficiency levels of so-called Less Commonly Taught Languages. Every year Avant adds new language tests to our portfolio, like the Yupik WorldSpeak assessment for the native Alaskan language, added in 2017. 

Avant currently offers assessments for 24 languages across our STAMP 4S, STAMP 4Se, and WorldSpeak tests, and we plan to add even more this year. We want to hear from you which languages they should be.

Which new language(s) would you like to see next?

Select one language below or enter your own response before June 15th and the five languages that receive the most votes will be guaranteed to become the next Avant WorldSpeak assessments!

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