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Using the Test Results Screen

The Avant STAMP 4Se Teacher Login option can be used to:

  • Access test taker results

    • View information (both summary and detail)

    • Create reports

    • Create download files

  • Monitor testing progress

    • Use the screen to track test takers’ progress through the test

    • Determine how a test taker's Login Name was entered

  • Determine when grading is complete

    • Reading and Listening scores are available when the test taker completes the section

    • Writing and Speaking scores are typically available within 5 to 7 business days

  • Determine test count

    • Use Line Item Summary to see the detail that makes up the test count and reconcile to billing or order quantity

Accessing Test Results

  1. Go to

  2. Click the Teacher Login button

  3. Enter the Teacher Test Code and Password

  4. Click the Login button

  5. Click the link under the Accessing Test Results heading

Three variations of the teacher login are available, with different access levels for each:

  • District/Organization – allows access to Avant STAMP 4Se testing results for all testing groups within the organization (usually school district)

  • School/Sub-Organization – allows access to Avant STAMP 4Se testing results for all testing groups within the sub-organization (usually school)

  • Class/Testing Group – allows access to Avant STAMP 4Se testing results for all test takers associated with a specific testing group

If you are using a district/organization or school/sub-organization viewing code, use the View Summary feature to drill down to the desired class/testing group. To request school/district login contact Avant Client Support.

The resulting screen will display the Level Keys, a Date Range selector, Language Summary Charts and either a Test Results list or a list of classes that you can select and drill down into to access the Test Results lists.

Level Keys

A two-part Level Key is used (shown below) to provide information for interpreting the student levels. One part is for Writing and Speaking and the other part is for Reading and Listening. For more information, see the STAMP4Se Benchmarks and Rubrics Guide.


Date Range Selector


The Date Range defaults to six months. To select a different date, type the date or click the calendar icon, then, click Search as shown in the image above.

Summary Charts

The initial screen shows summary charts for each section of the test: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.


Test Taker Lists

The Test Taker lists show test information for each test taker. These lists will start to show data as soon as the test taker answers the first question. Reading and Listening scores are available as soon as the test taker completes those sections (refresh the page for updates). Writing and Speaking scores are typically available in 5 to 7 business days. They may be available sooner, so check the test results screen periodically to determine the grading progress.

Explanation of Test Status Messages on the Test Taker Lists

Message Domain Explanation
In Progress Reading
The test taker has not started this section of the test.
ST (Started) Reading
The test taker has started, but not completed, this section of the test. For the Writing and Speaking sections, click the View link to see how many responses have been submitted.
TC (Test Completed) Writing
This section of the test is complete, but grading is not complete for one or more responses. Click the View link to see how many responses have been graded.
NS (Not Scorable & Not Ratable) Writing
Graders were not able to rate any responses in the section. To determine the cause, click the View link to review the test taker's responses. Possible reasons for "Not Ratable" Writing and Speaking responses include:
  • Non-target language - The response is not in the target language.
  • Off-topic - The response does not relate to the prompt topic.
  • Violent/Profane - The response includes violent or inappropriate language.

Other possible reasons for "Not Ratable" Speaking responses include:
  • No audio - The test taker clicked NEXT without recording.
  • No Speaking - A response was submitted, but has only background noise or is not understandable.

Individual Reports

Individual Reports show the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking levels attained on the STAMP4Se test for each test taker. They provide in clear, direct language what test takers at each level are generally able to do.

  • Click View on the Test Taker list to access the Individual Report for a specific test taker.

  • Click Class Batch Reports to create reports for all test takers on the list (for best results, wait until all testing and grading is complete).

  • To print the report, use your browser’s print function.

  • You can create a PDF version of the report if your printer selection includes a PDF writer.

Each test taker’s report has a scoring graphic for each section of the test. This inverted pyramid has a yellow shaded area that depicts the level attained. The level is also shown in the blue bar for each section of the test.

For the Writing and Speaking phases of the test, an additional blue shaded area will appear if the test taker had one test item that scored at a higher level. This serves as an alert that the test taker is operating across a range of proficiency levels with this skill. This situation is quite common for test takers in the Novice and Intermediate ranges, mostly due to limited topic exposure and control.

Accessing Writing and Speaking Responses

In the Individual Report, you're able to see and listen to the written responses and recorded audio responses that test takers submit. For the Writing and Speaking sections, click on Sample 1 or Sample 2 to read or hear the test taker's actual response for each specific task. This can also be helpful for understanding why responses were marked as Not Ratable.

Resets for Not Ratable Scores due to Technical Difficulties

Test takers who experience technical difficulties resulting in Not Ratable scores can have the specific test section reset. This will allow the student to log back in and select the desired section. Resetting a test or section will delete any information that has been entered in that section or test and the test taker will need to be instructed to re-take any reset section.

NOTE: We are only able to reset entire sections or tests, and not individual questions/prompts.

How to Request a Reset or Test Deletion:

Contact Avant Client Support: Call 888-713-7887 or email

If you have students that accidentally skipped a test section due to technical issues, a phone call to client support with the student's Login NameTest Code, and specific section will bring an immediate solution, as they will be able to reset the test or section.

You can also send an email to support for non-immediate requests and questions, listing the student's Login NameTest Code and providing a brief description of the issue or topic to help the support team investigate the matter and provide a response.

Student Login Names can be located on the Teacher Results viewing account screens. Providing the exact Login Name ensures that we will reset/delete the desired login, as other logins are often very similar, and we would hate to delete any of their work unintentionally.

If you’re requesting several test section resets we recommend downloading your results to Excel using the Line Item Summary feature (described below) and highlighting the specific sections that need resetting.  This report allows our Support Team to see the students’ test code, login name, and sections to be reset. Email your highlighted Excel file to and we will send a confirmation email when the resets have been completed. If you don’t have access to Excel you can still use the Line Item Summary to download the file and open in Google Sheets. You will then highlight your reset requests using Google Sheets and send an email with the Google Sheet link rather than attached an Excel file.

Line Item Summary Download

The Line Item Summary download creates an Excel file that includes test taker test results and other test taking data. For Reading and Listening sections of the test, you may also see a Scaled Score to the right of the level when looking at the Line Item Summary. These can be used to track student progress within levels. From the spreadsheet you can create a customized report with just the fields you want, and sort it as needed.

For example:

  • Sort by test Status to quickly see test takers who need to finish the test

  • Sort by Speaking Score to determine if any test takers had "Not Ratable" speaking responses

  • Use the file as a basis for uploading test results to your student information system

  • And more!

To create the download file:

  1. Click Line Item Summary, located near the bottom of most screens

  2. Follow the instructions on your screen, which may vary depending on your computer setup

Summary Chart Download

In many cases, a screen print of the Summary Charts on the test results screen will meet your needs for graphical presentation of the summary information. However, if you prefer to create a different style of chart or graph, the Summary Chart download makes it easy to create an Excel file with the information from the Summary Charts.

To create the download file:

  • Click Summary Chart, located near the bottom of most screens.

  • Follow the instructions on your screen, which may vary depending on your computer setup.

There are eight columns of information for each level. For each domain, there is a column that displays the total number of test takers at the level and the total percent of test takers at the level.

Updated September 2018

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