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The Student Profile Page is the first screen that appears after the test taker logs in. It is used to verify the student login information, gather additional information about the test taker and record information about the test taker’s background with the language being tested.

The only required fields are:

First Name

Last Name

However, we encourage you to use the optional fields. They provide a wealth of information that is included with the test results information when you use the Line Item Summary Download (see the Avant STAMP 4Se Reporting Guide for more information).

Successful use of the profile information requires communication with the test takers to ensure that they understand the questionnaire and that they will answer all of the questions for which you need data.

The following screenshots better show the two sections of the Student Profile page.

Login Information

This section lets the test taker know what to do if he/she intended to resume a test rather than start a new test and gives the test taker a chance to ensure that Login Name was entered correctly. If not, the test taker can stop the test and start a new test with the correct information.

Additional Information


In this section, the test taker will enter his/her First Name and Last Name. Each of these fields accepts up to 50 characters. Student ID is typically the test taker’s Student Body ID number, if one exists. This is especially important if you plan to upload test results to a student information system. Otherwise, any numbers or characters can be entered here and would not need to be unique for each test taker.

Updated March 2017

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