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Language Proficiency Professional Development

Improved language learning starts with professional development for teachers and administrators. We support World Language, Dual Language Immersion, Heritage, and Bilingual education programs. 

Engage your teams in their understanding of the proficiency descriptors, assessment analysis, and data-informed curriculum practices. 

Educators with Proven Practices

Avant MORE Learning is the leading language proficiency professional development and training provider. All of our professional learning is designed and delivered by accomplished world language and dual language educators who have used these practices. Meet our team. 

Coaching for Teachers and Administrators

  • Proficiency descriptors’ relation to curriculum and assessment.
  • Leveraging proficiency guidelines for formative assessment. 
  • Evaluate the quality of assessments and content for outcome-based approaches. 
  • Benchmarking with accurate and reliable language testing.
  • Analyzing assessment data with the goal of informing teaching practices.
  • Real-world practices for all education types including second language, dual language immersion, heritage schools, and bilingual curriculum settings.
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We develop leaders by:

  • Providing opportunities for emerging leaders to shine, highlighting and celebrating their journeys.
  • Supporting state and national initiatives.
  • Counseling, coaching, advising and supporting programs, administrators and teachers.

Avant MORE Learning adapts to your needs. We offer language proficiency professional development and training packages designed to flex to your needs, schedules, and desired team members.

An Avant MORE Learning team member will consult with you prior to purchase. This helps ensure you get the professional learning that is right for your team. 

Not sure where to start?

We've got a variety of workshop and training topics and styles to choose from.

Have a new idea?

We love new ideas! We can tailor sessions to your needs and audience.

Why Test for Language Proficiency?

Explore the Avant Assessment Proficiency Cycle with Director of Professional Learning Dawn Samples. In this video, she discussed the four stages of the cycle– Assess, Analyze,  Accelerate, and Achieve. Dawn explains how proficiency testing can enhance the language learning experience, inform instructional decisions and empower your learners to earn a Seal of Biliteracy!

What Others are Saying about Avant MORE Learning


Avant's professional development team worked overtime to craft learning sessions that were meaningful and relevant for both new and veteran teachers. Our teachers explored the differences between performance and proficiency along with turnkey instructional strategies based on best practices.


I want to thank you again for the amazing PD you provided us. I felt you did a superior job then and after meeting with the teachers last week it was even more evident that you have opened doors and windows. Your presentation was intentional in so many ways and that in itself serves as a great model for the teachers. I will be updating the staff on our summer work and will leave the description of your presentation to the teachers who are still glowing with their new understanding of their role as educators. Their enthusiasm is awesome to say the least. Thank you again for your energy, your enthusiasm, and your devotion to our profession. Looking forward to many more opportunities to collaborate.

Have you experienced Avant MORE Learning’s training or presentations recently?

Updated March 2023

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