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Providing a True Picture
of a Student's Language
Proficiency Skills

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Solutions to Meet Your Needs:

Providing a True Picture
of a Student's Language
Proficiency Skills

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Solutions to Meet Your Needs:

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What Teachers Are Saying

In today’s global economy and multi-cultural society, language skills are as important as math and science. Avant provides teachers and administrators with the most advanced, accurate tools to assess language skills and help each student reach their potential.

Lanting Xu
“We started implementing the Avant STAMP test in all of our language classes in 2011. The results that we learned from the data have been extremely helpful in terms of reshaping, modifying and changing our curriculum from middle school all the way to high school.” Lanting Xu
K-12 World Languages Department Head, The American School in London, London, UK
Valerie Shull
“I recently administered the STAMP assessment for the first time, to my 8th graders. It's the best money I've ever spent on my program--the data I'm getting holds a mirror up to my program and is making me look hard at what I do, and celebrate the successes.” Valerie Shull
Teacher, Rogers Park Montessori School, Chicago, IL
Ryan Theodoriches
“Avant STAMP 4S is used to give students who know a language other than English the opportunity to earn up to four high school credits by demonstrating their proficiency on a nationally recognized assessment. We also use STAMP 4s to determine which graduating students qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy on their diploma and transcript.” Ryan Theodoriches
Manager of World Languages, Evergreen Public Schools, Vancouver, WA
Alicia Dawn Samples
“The Lexington School District successfully tested over 10,000 students using Avant STAMP 4S and Avant STAMP 4Se. Avant STAMP data helped to identify instructional needs and to support our goal that 75% of graduating students reach the intermediate level. We especially like that Avant STAMP is tablet-ready, and that Avant STAMP can help students earn Carnegie credits in foreign language.” Alicia Dawn Samples
Coordinator for World Languages and Partial Immersion, Lexington, SC School District One
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"Avant Assessment's STAMP Test has been key to the development of Competency-Based Credits and the Seal of Biliteracy in Washington State." Michele Aoki
International Education Administrator, Seattle Public Schools

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