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Interview with Victor Santos, Founder and CEO of Linguacious LLC. 3/2/21
WATERLOO, IA – My entire education has been in the field of Linguistics. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil), during which I had a strong focus on syntax and indigenous languages. Then, I received a scholarship from the European Union to do a binational Master’s degree in Computational Linguistics in Germany (University of Saarland) and in the Netherlands (University of Groningen). Continue Reading >

Guest of the Day: Award Winning Children’s Author Victor Santos 1/26/21
DES MOINES, IA – This weather is perfect for curling up with a good book, especially one that is fun and educational for the kids. Award-winning children’s author Victor Santos shares what inspired him to write the Little Polyglot Adventures series. The third book came out this week. The books have been translated into 19 languages already. Continue Reading >

Language: Challenge & Promise: A Conversation with David Bong 11/13/20
EUGENE, OR – In Episode 9, my guest, David Bong, takes a clear-eyed and optimistic view of the power of language to transform lives for the better. But is insightful to note, conversely, how the lack of linguistic and cultural understanding can divide and hurt the world community. Continue Reading >

School Superintendent Honored for His Support of Biliteracy Education 4/28/20
NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – Superintendent of Schools Aubrey Johnson has been named New Jersey Seal of Biliteracy Superintendent of the year by the New Jersey Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages/New Jersey Bilingual Educators for his support of those who are learning English and his understanding of how they contribute to their schools and communities. Continue Reading >

Woburn students recognized for biliteracy 4/21/20
This year, Woburn Public Schools will celebrate its first graduating class to receive the Seal of Biliteracy, an honor awarded to students who have attained a high level of proficiency in English and at least one additional language. Continue Reading >

Spanish award winners ‘meet’ for class photo 4/22/20
KEWANEE, IL — Area high schools are entering the time when end-of-year awards and honors are announced. Pictures of the recipients pepper the pages of the Star Courier along with names of the honorees and stories about the recognition.This year, the newspaper is still being published each day, but schools are without students and teachers finding new ways to learn from their homes. Continue Reading >

Banks have their hands full as small businesses apply for payroll protection loans 4/20/20
EUGENE, ORThe federal Small Business Administration and banks across the country are spearheading the effort to get almost $350 billion in guaranteed paycheck protection loans to small businesses that have been devastated by the economic fallout from coronavirus. Continue Reading >

Avant Special Offer to Asia Society Confucius Classrooms | asiasociety.org 3/26/20
EUGENE, ORAsia Society is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Avant Assessment to provide Avant’s STAMP™ Chinese language proficiency assessments (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency) and its MORE Learning™ training products for leaders in language education its Center for Global Education Network Schools. … Continue Reading >

One Less Hurdle: A new program in Lewisville is helping chin refugees graduate on time | 1/06/2020
From the hillsides of the Chin State to the urban sprawl of the DFW metroplex, the approximately 1,000 young chin refugees at Lewisville ISD have plenty of challenges. They have escaped religious and political persecution in Myanmar, but once granted asylum in the U.S., they must tackle the challenges of American High School. Continue Reading on Slide 19>

Company aims to help educators help students improve language skills | NBC16 | 10/30/2019
EUGENE, OR – Dawn Samples just moved from South Carolina with her family. She’s the new Director for Professional Learning of the Avant Assessment team. It’s a company that provides proficiency tests mostly catering to language and communication skills to help students. She may have come at a good time to help. According to the Oregon … Continue Reading >

Nationally Renowned World Educator Joins Eugene Company | The Bottom Line | 10/28/2019
EUGENE, OR – Avant Assessment is excited to bring an acclaimed educator and world language advisor, Dawn Samples, to its Eugene team. Samples assumed the role of Director for Professional Learning in July 2019. 
Samples is a champion for advancing public education … Continue Reading >

Eugene Company Hires Tech Expert as its Chief Financial Officer | The Bottom Line | 10/11/2019
EUGENE, OR – Avant Assessment hired Michael Woodmansee as its Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations. Woodmansee joins Avant with deep experience in accounting and machine learning.
“I really identify with the educational … Continue Reading >

Eugene Language Assessment Leader Selected for Global Citizen Award | The Bottom Line | 09/30/2019
EUGENE, OR – Avant Assessment co-founder and CEO David Bong received the 2019 Global Citizen Award, which honors innovators in language education. Bong was recognized for his leadership in founding and sponsoring the Global Seal of Biliteracy, a credential that recognizes anyone for their language skills, regardless of how … Continue Reading > 

UO students prove their proficiency to earn biliteracy seal | Register Guard | 06/20/2019
EUGENE, OR – When employers looking through applications see a second language listed under “skills,” it can be difficult to know at first glance whether that person is truly fluent enough to do the job right or if their skills only extend as far as a few common phrases. Now, students graduating from universities, high school and, even, … Continue Reading > 

New Program Gives Bilingual UO Students An Edge On Job Applications | KLCC/NPR | 06/10/2019
EUGENE, OR – The University of Oregon awarded 200 students with a Global Seal of Biliteracy, last week. The certification is the first time the university offered the program with the help of a Eugene company. Avant Assessment designs language proficiency tests that examines how well bilingual speakers can speak their native tongue and another language. … Continue Reading > 

Eugene company helps teen refugees from Myanmar get credit for native language skills | The Oregonian (via AP) | 05/27/2019
LEWISVILLE, TX — As the year’s last gathering of the Chin Student Club at Lewisville High got underway, kids worked on biology homework, enjoyed a traditional dish of fermented tea leaf salad and talked about things like fast cars and soccer — in their native language of Hakha. The suburban setting was worlds away from … Continue Reading > 

For Chin refugee kids, Lewisville ISD’s new language test is a credit toward graduation — and to their culture | Dallas Morning News | 05/26/2019
DALLAS, TX As the year’s last gathering of the Chin Student Club at Lewisville High got underway, kids worked on biology homework, enjoyed a traditional dish of fermented tea leaf salad and talked about things like fast cars and soccer — in their native language of Hakha. The suburban setting was worlds away from the life most had known a decade earlier as … Continue Reading > 

Lewisville ISD helping Chin refugees satisfy foreign language requirement | KDFW FOX 4 News | 05/22/2019
LEWISVILLE, IDLewisville has a large community of Chin refugees. Many of them escaped political and religious persecution as Christians in their home country of Myanmar. But since their language is so rare, there wasn’t a way to give the high school students credit for speaking a second language to meet Texas requirements — until now. … Continue Reading > 

Alaska’s First and Second | Language Magazine | 05/16/2019
ANCHORAGE, AK – Daniel Ward asks Brandon Locke and Victor Santos to discuss how Anchorage School District is leading the revitalization of the U.S.’ second-most widely spoken native language, Yup’ik, through an innovative dual-language program … Continue Reading >

California must continue to lead in closing the bilingual skills gap | EdSource | 07/19/2018
OAKLAND, CADual language immersion classes in Fresno Unified include English learners and English speakers. The goal of the program is developing bilingual and biliterate students. High school seniors in nearly three dozen states walked across the graduation stage last month to receive a diploma with a unique … Continue Reading >

Alaskans First to Receive Seal of Biliteracy in Native Tongue | Language Magazine | 06/09/2018
ANCHORAGE, AK -The Lower Kuskokwim School District (LKSD) is roughly the size of West Virginia, with 22 schools spread across a remote area of Alaska’s Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge. There are no roads, and the most common ways to travel between towns are to fly or snowmobile. … Continue Reading >

First-ever Polish language test available for Orchard Lake students | C&G Newspapers | 03/01/2018
ORCHARD LAKE — Students in Orchard Lake who are interested in Polish can now receive recognition for learning the language. Polish will be offered as an option for a “seal of biliteracy” on high school diplomas for students in Orchard Lake Schools — the first district in the nation to offer the Polish seal option. … Continue Reading >

David Bong: A Chloe Kim skill that translates in state | The Berkshire Eagle | 02/28/2018
BOSTON — Chloe Kim’s gold medal winning snowboarding run and charismatic personality made her the unquestioned star of this year’s Olympics. But it didn’t take any longer than her arrival at the post-victory interview podium for her to demonstrate another reason why global brands are going to be knocking on her door. … Continue Reading >

For First Time, Polish To Be Offered As Student Language Proficiency Option | Polish News | 02/19/2018
EUGENE, OR (February 18, 2018) – As the number of states and school districts offering “Seal of Biliteracy” programs is increasing rapidly across the country, students studying Polish will for the first time will be able to demonstrate their proficiency in in the language based on a new test established by Avant Assessment, the … Continue Reading >

Avant Helps Teachers Assess | Language Magazine | 10/16/2017
EUGENE, OR – This fall, Avant will launch Avant ADVANCE, an online teacher-training system. ADVANCE helps teachers correctly assess student responses from novice to advanced on the ACTFL proficiency scale more efficiently, more accurately, and with greater confidence than traditional face-to-face training programs. … Continue Reading >

Program in Hamden seeks Seal of Biliteracy for high School Students | New Haven Register | 08/03/2017
HAMDEN, CT – On the last day of a language enrichment program at Shepherd Glen Elementary School, students performed scenes from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory for their teachers and parents to show off the English language skills they learned through the summer. … Continue Reading >

Oregon exports stall as Washington’s foreign sales soar on the backs of Boeing and Other Giants | The Oregonian | 03/22/2014
PORTLAND, OROregon exports, which soared to a record $19.4 billion in 2008, plunged the next year and have been flat ever since. Across the border in Washington, exports dipped only slightly during the recession and then took off, growing more than 50 percent since 2010 to a record $81.9 billion last year. … Continue Reading >

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