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What is Avant ADVANCE? ▼

Avant ADVANCE is an online tool designed to give teachers the training they need to internalize the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines by learning level-specific features and criteria that define the different levels. Avant ADVANCE will help teachers score with higher accuracy, confidence and inter-rater reliability. Users will receive feedback instantly, can practice rating at their convenience, and can receive Professional Development Units (PDUs) for training.

How long does the training program in Avant ADVANCE take to complete? ▼

On average, it will take a total of 12 to 15 hours to complete all the sections, but will depend on how well the information in the training videos is understood and applied in the Module Test for each module. Each module contains 2-3 training videos, which can run from 5-10 minutes each. After watching the videos for each module, the trainee must pass a Module Test, which contains 25 written practice responses. The trainee must pass the Module Test with at least 90% accuracy before being allowed to move on to the next module.

How many times can a trainee try to pass a Module Test in Avant ADVANCE? ▼

The Module Test can be taken as many times as needed, or desired.

Why is a rating accuracy of 90% required on a Module Test before trainees are allowed to view other modules in Avant ADVANCE? ▼

It is required that trainees receive a score of at least 90% accuracy on a Module Test to show evidence of mastery of that level. With this foundation, trainees can better understand what is expected at each level. This method improves consistency and application of the rating criteria.

When can trainees log in to watch videos or take Module Tests in Avant ADVANCE? ▼

Avant ADVANCE allows individuals to go in at any time, anywhere they have an internet connection. They can practice as long, or as short as they would like.

How can Administrators view all of their teachers using Avant ADVANCE? ▼

The primary contact for your account is given access to the Administrator Reporting Dashboard. This is where you can monitor real-time progress of each teacher in the system. The dashboard also enables administrators to filter results by language, school, or certification status. They can also view individual trainee reports, showing a more detailed view of each trainee’s progress through the modules.

What is the Practice Test in Avant ADVANCE? ▼

The Practice Test allows trainees to review a larger number of student responses at various levels. After a trainee has passed a module, they are allowed into the Practice Test where they can select a specific level or combination of levels which they would like to review. They are given a batch of up to 25 items at a time. The ability to select just one level allows them to see a variety of different student responses at that specific level - they have complete control in the Practice Test. Trainees must pass a Training Module before that level is available in the practice test.

Can you earn Professional Development Units with Avant ADVANCE? ▼

When a teacher completes the Certification process, they will be able to print up a Certificate of Completion. Each district is responsible for determining the exact PDUs they will credit for the work done in ADVANCE.

What languages are available for Avant ADVANCE? ▼

Avant ADVANCE is available in ten languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Spanish.

Are there any limitations on what I can do with the content of Avant ADVANCE? ▼

  • Educators are NOT allowed to print out, or post screenshots or other materials contained in Avant ADVANCE on YouTube or any other streaming video service.
  • User accounts and Key Codes are NOT transferable to any other educator, individual or group.
  • Administrators are NOT allowed to print out, or post screenshots or other materials in Avant ADVANCE on YouTube or any other streaming video service.
  • Administrative Users may not view training related content for educational purposes, without opening a separate Educator User account.
  • All User accounts and Key Codes are NOT transferable to any other educator, individual or group.

What are users allowed to do with the content of Avant ADVANCE? ▼

  • Educators are allowed to access Avant ADVANCE for individual education training.
  • Educators can digitally display Avant ADVANCE content in a Department meeting for discussion with those who also have access to ADVANCE.
  • Educators and administrators are allowed to digitally display the Avant ADVANCE Content in a classroom like setting for student group learning sessions within their organization.

What are the System requirements for Avant ADVANCE? ▼

Please see our Technology Guide for overall system requirements and browser capabilities.

What should we do if there is a problem with accessing the Avant ADVANCE system? ▼

Call our support line at 888-713-7887 (5am-5pm Pacific Time) or send an email any time to Please include your name, password and school along with a detailed explanation of what is happening. If you have a question about a specific training item, please include the ID number found in the top left corner of the item.

How is Avant ADVANCE ordered? ▼

For pricing information or to make a purchase, please contact an Avant Representative at or tel (888) 731-7887 within the United States, or +1 (541) 338-9090 from outside the United States.

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