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Avant Arabic Proficiency Test (APT)
Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-Adult

International schools are educating students who need to function in both the Arabic and English speaking worlds. By using the Avant APT to measure their students’ proficiency levels schools can assure all stakeholders, including parents and local education ministries, that their students are graduating with high levels of Arabic proficiency.

Avant developed the Arabic Proficiency Test (APT) for Mother Tongue Arabic speakers with the same rigorous standards and assessment philosophy as Avant STAMP. The APT measures real-world proficiency and allows students to demonstrate their actual skills. Developed in collaboration with a leading educational institution in the Arabic speaking world, the APT is adaptive and designed to measure the real world proficiency levels in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) of students who are being educated in English-medium international schools. Schools that deliver the APT use the data to refocus their curricula and introduce professional development to hone their teachers’ ability to deliver improved outcomes.

Avant STAMP 4S for Arabic
(STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency)
Grades 7-Adult

Avant STAMP 4S can measure the growth in proficiency of second language learners of Arabic, provide data to improve proficiency outcomes, and empower administrators to make more informed decisions on curriculum and teacher training. Many leading language programs are using Avant STAMP data to refocus their curricula and introduce professional development to hone their teachers’ ability to deliver improved outcomes.

Avant STAMP engages students with real-world content that is leveled according to the topics commonly taught at each level of instruction. STAMP’s adaptive test design adjusts to a student’s level so s/he is challenged, but not overwhelmed.

Grades 3-5, 6-8 and 9-Adult

Placing incoming students into Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) language programs has been a difficult and time-consuming challenge. Avant A-PLACE provides a quick, accurate and cost-effective way to place both native speakers and second language learners into MSA classes.

Avant A-PLACE is a web-based vocabulary test. Students simply choose whether the word they see in each question is a real MSA word or not. Real vocabulary words are mixed with pseudo words, which are similar in linguistic structure, but are not real words in MSA. Avant A-PLACE uses a representative set of high-frequency MSA vocabulary for grade bands 3-5, 6-8 and 9-adult that have been created by Arabic language experts. Students can take A-PLACE on a computer or tablet device and complete it in15 minutes. Results are instantly available for administrators.

Real Stories

  • Qatar Academy
  • Qatar Academy
"The Avant APT is the perfect solution for our program. Since 2012 we administer the APT to all of our students from grade 3 to grade 10 every spring. We use the data to measure student growth and evaluate our program."
Rula Atawneh
Head of Arabic & Islamic Curriculum, Qatar Academy

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