How can language programs leverage Texas’ Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA)?

In 2019, Texas passed legislation to create the Teacher Incentive Allotment for Texas schools as a realistic pathway for teachers to earn higher salaries and focus funding on traditionally hard-to-staff schools and districts. Since then, school districts across the state have applied for this funding and generated an additional $40 million for their districts and teachers to create a performance-based compensation system. The program aims to make it easier for schools to recruit, retain, and reward talent focused on student outcomes. 

The house bill created three designations for teachers: Recognized, Exemplary, and Master. Each level results in additional funding to the school for that teacher–90% of which must be used on teacher compensation. The amount will be calculated based on the need of the school or district such as rural and/or socioeconomic status. Each designation lasts five years and the funds travel with the teacher, should they move schools or districts. To be eligible, teachers must be employed at least full-time for one semester or part-time for one full year and hold an active standard or Texas teacher certification.

This sounds great, but how do you qualify to apply? Districts must develop and implement a system based on teacher observation and student growth. For language programs, this is well within reach through Avant’s STAMP assessment program. For years, Avant Assessment has aided teachers, schools, and districts in their quest to improve language learning through adaptive, real-world communication in its language testing. Now, Avant’s STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency (STAMP) tests and Avant ADVANCE teacher training programs are being used throughout Texas to produce the outcomes desired for TIA funding.

Avant works directly with districts and schools to:

  • Support regular performance assessments. 
  • Train on the tools that simplify the delivery and rating of speaking and writing assessments.
  • Provide annual proficiencyassessments to students, including remote proctoring.
  • Help educators build a path to proficiency throughout a student’s career.
  • Help educators recognize the skills of both heritage and second language learners. 

Avant helps identify opportunities and produce desired outcomes.
Simply put, Avant offers the training, products, and support unrivaled in the language learning field such as:

  • Proficiency assessments in nearly 40 different languages.
  • Professional Learning opportunities for teachers, including training around Data-Informed Practices & Effective Strategies that Increase Proficiency are also offered through Avant MORE Learning
  • The online Avant ADVANCE teacher training tool helps teachers more accurately identify standards levels in student responses.

Collaborating with Extempore.
Avant didn’t stop there. Avant has collaborated with Extempore to upgrade the teacher experience through Extempore’s platform. Now, teachers can:

  • Access and provide formative assessment materials to students.
  • Support students by providing regular feedback on their performance.
  • And monitor learning progress. 

Language learning programs in Texas can now leverage this opportunity for valuable funding dollars through Avant’s proficiency-based, data-driven assessments.

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