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Avant Assessment’s online language proficiency tests must be taken in a proctored environment, with an educator who is authorized by the organization sponsoring the test. To protect the integrity and security of our tests, the proctor cannot be a parent or guardian.

The Testing Coordinator serves as the primary point of contact and overall coordinator for Avant STAMP testing. Responsibilities include:

Before the Test Begins

  • Please review the instructions below:

    • Ensure classes are assigned tests in Clever (refer to the Clever Test Set Up Page for more details)

    • Have students take a STAMP Sample Test to confirm the following:

      • Technology is configured properly and a supported browser is being used (Review the Technology Guide if necessary)

      • Students can record and playback their Speaking test response

      • Students can type their Writing test response in the language being tested using appropriate characters 
        (Refer to our Writing Input Guide to see which languages require special keyboards)

    • Review the following Guides:

    • Review the Preparing for Success page

Rules for Taking an Avant STAMP Tests

  1. No dictionaries, textbooks, cell phones, paper, pens, or other support materials are allowed in the testing area during the test

  2. The only time test takers should have access to pens or pencils is if the Writing section is being administered as handwritten

  3. No additional applications (e.g., Word, email, chat) or browser windows are allowed to be open during testing

  4. Avant raters review all written and spoken responses and any inappropriate responses (vulgar, violent, etc.) will not be scored and will be reported to your school’s test administrator

  5. Do not take or use notes of any kind for any portion of the test, including the speaking section

  6. Confirm your organization’s course of action regarding academic dishonesty

To Begin Testing

After setting the test status to “Testing Ready” within the Teacher Dashboard, the test proctor should provide test takers with the information below:

  • Unlock test in Clever 
  • Provide students instructions how to find Avant Assessment Application and access the test in Clever
  • Specify in what order the test sections should be taken:
  • Test takers must take the reading and listening sections before moving onto the writing and the speaking.
  • Instructions for stopping the test at a certain point or directions to continue until the test is complete

During the Test

  • The proctor must remain in the testing area throughout testing. Circulate while the testing is taking place to ensure that no paper, pens, pencils, cell phones, etc. are being used. Make sure that no additional windows or applications (such as Word, email or web browsers) are open or launched during testing. Make sure that no dictionaries, textbooks or other support materials are being used and to report any academic dishonesty to the Testing Coordinator.
  • As a proctor, you can assist test takers with logging in, answering their profile questions, selecting the Writing input language (if testing in Arabic, Chinese or Japanese), proper use of their headsets, computer issues, and resuming a test.
  • Please circulate among the test takers to ensure they are following instructions and progressing smoothly. If there is a time limit for the session, provide occasional reminders of the time remaining and make sure test takers are on track to complete the test in the allotted time.
  • During the Speaking section, make sure test takers are recording successfully.
  • You can also use the Proctor/Results Login to monitor the progress of test taking, such as who has finished testing and who still needs to work on another section of the test.
  • Do not help with anything that is related to the content of the test items.
  • If a test taker needs to resume the test due to lost connection (or any other reason), the test taker should first try refreshing the page. If refreshing is unsuccessful the test taker will need to re-launch the Avant application from Clever to resume their test. The test will resume from the point at which the test taker left off. After the Testing Session.

After the Testing Session

After testing is completed, the teacher may log in to their Clever account to view results. 

Reading and Listening scores are available immediately. Writing and Speaking scores are typically available within 5 to 7 business days after test completion. Results may be available sooner, so check the test results screen periodically to determine the scoring progress.

After scoring is complete, the proctor or test coordinator may print individual test taker reports or download an Excel file of test results. Do not allow the test takers to access the teacher report page or see other test taker scores.

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