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Student Guide for Testing

After the Test

Test results are delivered to the testing coordinators or teachers after test completion. Test takers should contact their testing coordinators or teachers to receive their test results.

The Individual Reports can be distributed to test takers or parents with the Benchmark and Rubric Guide and Power Up Guide. Please review the resources below:

Individual Report

The Individual Report displays the score (benchmark level) that the test taker attained in each skill tested along with a Composite Score. See examples of the STAMP 4Se and STAMP 4S Individual Reports below.





Benchmark and Rubric Guide

To understand more about the Individual Report scores see the STAMP Benchmarks and Rubric Guide. The rubric outlines expectations of the test takers for performance at any given level.

Power Up Guide

Guide for Students to Improve Language Proficiency

The following tables outline general skills or abilities at each level and suggest actions that will help you attain higher proficiency levels.

Can Do Statements

In order to get a sense of where your level is, you can use this quick self-evaluation to showcase what you are currently able to do and help direct you to move to higher levels.

Directions: Read each Can Do Statement and place a check in the column titled “My Level” that best identifies your ability with that mode and domain. You may want to write the date of this evaluation and do this again in several months to monitor growth in these areas.

Updated September 2022

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