Student Guide for Testing

Avant Assessment on Clever

Before the Test

Please complete the following tasks to ensure you are ready to begin testing.

Read the following guides that explain what you need to demonstrate in your responses to achieve a certain level of language proficiency.

Also, review the Avant STAMP 4S or the STAMP 4Se Benchmark and Rubric Guides to learn about the skills a test taker needs to demonstrate.

Additionally, make sure to review Test Taker Tips below:

Take a STAMP Sample Test to confirm the following:

  • You can record and playback your Speaking test response
  • You can type your Writing test response in the language you are testing using appropriate characters. This includes the following languages: 

Arabic, Cantonese, Chinese (Mandarin) Simplified & Traditional, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean & Russian
This will also help familiarize you with the layout of the test and the types of questions and prompts that a test taker can expect. Refer to our writing input guide to see which languages require special keyboards (listed above). Review the Technology Requirements Guide to troubleshoot any issues you encountered while taking a sample test.


Make sure to get plenty of rest before the test so your mind will stay focused.

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