ARP ESSER Transforms Schools

Transforming School Language Programs with ARP ESSER Funds



What are the ARP ESSER Funds?

A unique opportunity to fund the transformation of world language, dual-language immersion, and bilingual programs


A funding source for assessing and recovering language learning loss during the pandemic


The American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) Fund provides nearly $122 billion to States. In turn, states will make an investment in assessment and instruction to help students recover from learning loss and build on gains in independence and agency. Funding will enable States and local educational agencies (“LEAs”), and more directly schools, to assess student academic progress and adopt programs that provide sustainable, lasting value to instruction.

ARP ESSER Fact Sheet
View your state's plan and status


$13 Billion for remote assessment & instructional support + reopening
Schools must spend these funds by September 30, 2021.


$54 Billion for assessment & instruction to recover learning loss
Schools must spend these funds by September 30, 2022.


$122 Billion for public school assessment & instructional transformation.

$2.7 Billion for non-public school transformation

$1 Billion for Head Start
Schools must spend these funds by September 30, 2023

Districts must spend at least 20% of their ARP ESSER funds to address learning loss through evidence based interventions

Refer to your State Department of Education website for
details on district applications or processes for funding.

Leverage ESSER funds to transform learning

Using part of your district’s ARP ESSER funds to transform your language program can:

Help students recover from any pandemic learning loss
Accelerate the speed of language acquisition
Motivate the persistence of language learning
Increase teacher satisfaction due to improved results, and reduce turnover

Help students recover from any pandemic learning loss with STAMP early in the term.

Spark student inspiration to stick with language learning by giving them a substantive goal in the Global Seal of Biliteracy.

Accelerate the speed of language acquisition through formative testing with Extempore and data-informed teaching practices.

Engage in curriculum improvements with Avant MORE Learning.

Increase teacher satisfaction, improved student outcomes, and reduce turnover with the Avant ADVANCE training tool.

Your ARP ESSER funds can benefit all students in your language programs 

Use your ARP ESSER funds to partner with Avant to:

  • Identify learning loss with Avant STAMP tests with beginning of term assessments.

  • Grow teachers’ skills through professional development training with Avant MORE Learning

  • Learn best practices for data-informed instruction with Avant MORE Learning

  • Use Avant’s formative and benchmarking tools to supercharge classroom instruction on Extempore’s classroom assessment and practice platform


  • Assess for proficiency with STAMP mid-term to identify skills that need further development 
  • Conduct end of term STAMP assessment used to measure annual learning growth and program efficacy 
  • Prepare your students to earn the State and/or
    Global Seal of Biliteracy

By advocating for your language program supporting all students– meeting them in their individual learning process and developing teachers for better instruction — you will sustainably transform your outcomes.  

Speak to a Proficiency Assessment Expert

We can help your school or district address the needs of language learning students and support teachers to advance learning outcomes. 

Call us at (888) 731- 7887

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Proposal Language for
World Language, Bilingual, and Immersion Programs

How can inequity and learning loss challenges be addressed?
As leaders in language proficiency assessment, Avant firmly believes that supporting teachers with programs that are proven efficient and effective to address these challenges requires: 

  • Repeated cycles of intensive professional learning training for teachers and administrators.

  • Consistent use of benchmarking/formative assessments and an annual summative assessment of students in all four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

  • Regular analysis of test data. 

  • Consistent implementation of assessment data analyses and cycling of insights into teacher and administrator professional learning. 


Has the program been proven effective? 

Yes! Lexington School District One in Lexington, SC transformed their world language education from one of grammar lessons and rote memorization to that of proficiency-based teaching, assessment, and grading with the use of Avant’s program. This process changed the way students reflected on their language proficiency and engaged them in growth in lieu of a numerical grade with no clear correlation to their skill progression. Teachers continue to receive training on inter-rater reliability, designing lessons, and strategic assessment that promotes proficiency. The district still uses this model and collects more data each year on student progress and proficiency– sustaining a data-driven improvement process cycle. Read the full story from The Language Educator magazine.  

What are the components of the program?
Addressing learning loss and continued growth for both teachers and students requires the following elements and can be delivered annually by Avant: 

● STAMP™ testing of as many students as possible. 

● Avant formative/benchmark tests for classroom delivery on the Extempore digital language lab app for every language student. 

● STAMP test results data analysis and reporting. 

● ADVANCE™ licenses and review exercises for each language teacher. 

● MORE™ Professional Learning sessions for teachers.  

What is the pedagogy in the program? 

Effective proficiency-based language programs are based upon a cohesive integrated system that cycles learning and feedback from assessment data for teachers, students, and administrators over an extended period of time. Avant proposes to provide the tools to implement this system. A valid and reliable proficiency assessment is essential to the success of the program. However, an assessment can only provide data. Teachers and students need to be trained in systems that enable them to use that data to improve teaching and learning outcomes.  

Consistent goals. The foundation of any proficiency-based language program is a common understanding of its proficiency goals and language proficiency targets. Teachers, students, and administrators need to have a shared vision and all need to be in sync about the learning goals of the program. Avant proposes to create a solid base for educators in the first year by providing extensive training in the ACTFL proficiency levels through the implementation of the Avant ADVANCE online proficiency level training tool coupled with professional development to support learning with the ADVANCE tool.  

Benchmarks. Classroom benchmark/formative and practice assessments are important for providing teachers, students, and parents formative information on learners’ strengths and areas for improvement to guide instruction. The once-a-year summative STAMP assessment is important to  gauge the success of the program in reaching its learning goals and to credential learners for the State and Global Seals of Biliteracy. This year, STAMP for Spanish will also be available as a fully Monolingual test. The new Avant Benchmark/Formative Test will be used by teachers during the year to generate formative feedback, measure growth, and provide opportunities for students to practice their speaking and writing skills in six languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese.  

Ease of use, ongoing support. Avant will install the Extempore digital platform and provide training and support for teachers to enable them to effectively use the Avant Benchmark/Formative test and provide and score student online speaking and writing exercises. Avant will engage in intensive professional learning with teachers and administrators in the application of the assessments and how to use the data from the tests to inform their instruction. Avant will also continue professional learning in proficiency-based teaching methodologies and establish and facilitate an online professional learning community for teachers.  

Each year, Avant will work with teachers to repeat the ever upward cycle of improvement through annual STAMP testing; data analysis; continued teacher training with ADVANCE; and professional learning with teachers that builds on the information from the testing data

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