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Teacher Toolbox Series 1: Advancing Onward

What is the Teacher Toolbox Series?
This is a series of seven hybrid learning modules for teachers who have successfully completed the Avant ADVANCE online teacher training. Avant ADVANCE prepares teachers for the next steps from “knowing to doing and learning to practice.”

How learners will engage in the presentation
Each module will provide a 30 to 60-minute online video accompanied by an online forum with asynchronous tasks, reflections, and online discussions. The forum is facilitated by Avant MORE Learning’s instructional coaching facilitators who will provide feedback and support along the way.  Educators will have the opportunity to learn, reflect, and apply the concepts to their own classroom settings and then reflect together on their classroom experiences through peer engagement.  Facilitators will provide feedback and support along the way.

Cohorts will have the option to meet four to six times synchronously for small group discussion and feedback sessions.

Format: Hybrid virtual
One year
$9200 for up to 25 teachers.
Canvas seat license: $12/ participant (required).

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