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Options Overview

The Avant PLACE language test is a semi-adaptive test that allows test takers to self-identify their language abilities. Test takers are asked to select the Can-Do statement that best represents their skill/ability level across five modes of communication (Reading, Writing, Listening, Presentational Speaking, and Interpersonal Speaking), so that level specific prompts can be delivered.

The Avant PLACE language test is available in 3 different formats (Option A, Option B, Option C) depending on which language and language skills you would like to focus on.

Self-Evaluation scores are generated by Avant and available when the test taker completes the section, so that level specific prompts can be delivered depending on the test format (Option A, Option B, Option C):

  • Option A offers a complete assessment of all skills. It assesses Reading, Contextualized Grammar, Writing, and Speaking, all scored and rated by Avant
  • Option B does not have Speaking section eliminating the need for headset and recording technology. It assesses Reading, Contextualized Grammar and Writing, scored and rated by Avant
  • Option C offers immediate results. It assesses Reading and Contextualized Grammar, scored by Avant (Writing section is rated by an educator)

Updated October 2021
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