About STAMP 4S

Avant STAMP 4S is a general language proficiency assessment of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills. It is designed for second-language learners aged 13 and older in school grades seven and above including middle and high schools, college and university students, and adults. 

STAMP 4S assessments may be purchased in one-, two-, and three-skill combinations. However, testing all four skills is recommended to obtain the best individual and longitudinal data. 

Avant STAMP uses authentic texts and audio in situations the learner may encounter in the real world.

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Recommended for College Credit

American Council on Education logo.Avant STAMP 4S is recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE), the same educational body that has provided credit recommendations to institutions of higher education for College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations, Cambridge Assessments, and ACT subject tests. This provides opportunities for students to earn credit or be placed in higher-level courses to advance their language skills.

Universities across the U.S. are recognizing Avant STAMP and creating pathways to higher education for language learners everywhere. 

Learn more about the credit recommendations. 

Avant STAMP 4S

STAMP 4S (4-skill) assesses Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking in 14 languages. 

  1. Arabic
  2. English
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Hebrew
  6. Hindi
  7. Italian
  8. Japanese
  9. Korean
  10. Mandarin (Simplified)
  11. Mandarin (Traditional)
  12. Polish
  13. Portuguese (Brazilian)
  14. Russian
  15. Spanish
  16. Spanish Monolingual


Aligned to The ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines

Avant’s assessments utilize authentic texts and audio you would encounter in the real world such as articles, newscasts, menus, and signs.

All tests languages offered are aligned to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.

Exam Full Credit.

Online, Computer Adaptive Assessment

Adaptive tests eliminate questions that are too easy or difficult for each test taker allowing them to reach their highest level of proficiency. All Avant assessments are developed by professional target language and assessment experts.

Fast And Easily Accessible Results

Avant STAMP Reading, Listening, and ASL Receptive results are available online immediately, and the Writing and Speaking responses are scored by Avant Certified Raters in 10-12* business days. Test results are never deleted so that programs can conduct detailed longitudinal analysis.

*ASL Expressive results are delivered in 20-22 business days.

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Integrated with Clever and ClassLink

Clever and ClassLink are single sign-on (SSO) integrations that make rostering your test takers quick, easy, and more secure. Using these integrations means profile information is consistent. This ensures the ability to compare learner test results quickly and efficiently.

Cross-Device Solutions

All of Avant’s testing products are compatible with most browsers and devices, including iPads (iOS version 12+) and Chromebooks, to give you more flexibility when testing.

Cross Device.
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Remote Proctoring Available

AvantProctor, our remote proctoring solution, is available to proctor the STAMP 4S in any language.

Avant hires, certifies, and manages all of its own proctors. This allows us to maintain a higher standard of quality assurance, security, and flexibility. Our team utilizes the latest technology to assist, but not replace, our proctors. 


We continuously work to improve our safeguards for testing, test taker data, and proctoring integrity. Avant is compliant with the current data privacy laws and security requirements. Learn more about our Test Security and Integrity.


Talk to one of our assessment experts for pricing and ordering.

For more information, see STAMP Frequently Asked Questions.

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