STAMP WS Guides for Testing Coordinators

Proctoring Guide

Avant Assessment’s online language proficiency tests must be taken in a proctored environment. A proctor is an approved person that administers an Avant language assessment to a test taker and agrees to fulfill the proctor responsibilities required by Avant.

Who can be a proctor?

Acceptable proctors include school/college educators, and military/industry/educational organization testing centers. 

Parents, guardians, relatives, or anyone with whom the test taker has a personal relationship are NOT allowed to be proctors.

Read about Test Security and Integrity to learn more.

Proctor's Responsibilities

The proctor will verify a test taker’s identity and will ensure academic integrity guidelines during language assessments are followed. The use of dictionaries, textbooks, cell phones, paper, pens, or other support materials – paper-based or electronic – are not allowed. Test takers’ responses must be spontaneous. Therefore, they are not allowed to write or type a speaking response and read them as a recorded response.

Proctors must follow the procedures below to help ensure the security and the validity of each assessment.

Updated November 2022
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