Important update to the Scoring Criteria for STAMP WS: Effective November 1, 2021, Avant’s scoring criteria that is used to evaluate test taker Writing and Speaking responses has been updated. Please review the Monitor Scoring section for more information.

STAMP WS (formerly WorldSpeak)
Guides for Testing Coordinators

Proctoring Guide

The Avant STAMP WS (formerly WorldSpeak) assessment must be taken in a proctored environment, with a proctor who is authorized by the organization sponsoring the test. Following these procedures will help ensure the security of the STAMP WS (formerly WorldSpeak) test and the validity of each assessment.

Before the Assessment Begins

  • Have the test codes and passwords ready (for each testing group there will be a test taker test code and password, and a teacher test code and password).
  • Where appropriate, have a list of authorized test takers and/or ask test takers to provide photo ID.
  • Have test takers’ ID numbers available, if they are being used for the test taker ID field on the profile.
  • When testing in a character-based language, provide test takers with instructions for selecting the input language. For more information, see the Writing Input Guide.
  • Ensure that test takers are using a supported browser. Please see our Assessment Technology Guide.
  • Ensure that headsets are plugged in before the test takers start the test.
  • Inform test takers how much time is allowed for this testing session.
  • Direct test takers to read the instructions in each section of the test carefully.
  • Have a printout of this Avant STAMP WS (formerly WorldSpeak) Proctoring Guide handy.
  • In situations where a teacher was not available to prepare test takers, read the Avant STAMP WS (formerly WorldSpeak) Test Taker Guide and decide if any of the information should be shared with test takers.

Rules for Taking an Avant STAMP WS (formerly WorldSpeak) Assessment

The Avant STAMP WS (formerly WorldSpeak) assessment must be taken in a proctored environment with a proctor who is authorized by the organization sponsoring the test.

    • No paper, pens, pencils, cell phones, etc. are allowed in the testing area.
    • No additional applications (e.g., Word, email, chat) or browser windows are allowed to be open during testing.
    • Avant raters review all written and spoken responses and any inappropriate responses (e.g., vulgar, violent) will not be scored and will be reported to your test administrator.

To Begin Testing

The test proctor should provide test takers with the information below. The information can be written on a whiteboard or projected on a screen. If you decide to distribute this information to test takers on slips of paper, be sure to collect the paper after testing.

  • The address for the Avant STAMP Test Website (
  • The testing group’s Test Code.
  • The testing group’s Password.
  • Guidance for filling in the Login Name field:
    • Login Name must be between 1-25 characters on the login page. Login Name should be any combination of letters, numbers, or any of the following special characters: @ (at symbol); _ (underscore); – (hyphen); . (period); , (comma); ‘ (single quote).
    • Login Name must be unique within the testing group (do not use the Login Name “student”).
    • Be sure to remember how you entered your login name. If you need to stop and continue the test at a later time, you will need to enter your login name exactly as you did the first time.
    • If a test taker has taken the test previously using the same test code, we recommend using the same login name, with the number 2 added at the end.
  • Instructions for stopping the test at a certain point or directions to continue until the test is complete.

During the Assessment

  • The proctor must remain in the testing area throughout testing. Circulate while the testing is taking place to ensure that no paper, pens, pencils, cell phones, etc. are being used. Make sure that no additional windows or applications (such as Word, email or web browsers) are open or launched during testing. Make sure that no dictionaries, textbooks or other support materials are being used.
  • Any infractions to the above regulations are to result in the immediate logging out of the individual test taker’s test by the proctor (by closing the browser), and the suspension of testing for that individual test taker. Such incidents shall be reported to the Testing Coordinator.
  • As a proctor, you can assist test takers with logging in, answering their profile questions, selecting the writing input language, proper use of their headsets, computer issues, and resuming a test.
  • Please circulate among the test takers to ensure they are following instructions and progressing smoothly. If there is a time limit for the session, provide occasional reminders of the time remaining and make sure test takers are on track to complete the test in the allotted time.
  • During the Speaking section, make sure test takers are recording successfully.
  • You can also use the Teacher Login to monitor the progress of test taking, such as who has finished and who still needs to work on another section of the test.
  • Do not help with anything that is related to the content of the test items.
  • If a test taker needs to resume the test due to lost connection (or any other reason), the login information will need to be entered exactly as originally entered. Avant STAMP WS (formerly WorldSpeak) should resume from the point at which the test taker left off. If the profile screen appears instead, the test taker must STOP the test. This indicates that the Login Name entered this time is different than it was originally entered. If necessary, the teacher or proctor can use the Teacher Login to look up the test taker name.
  • Please login to the Report Page to monitor test taker logins to ensure that test taker have completed the test and that they have not created unnecessary duplicate test logins.

After the Testing Session

After testing is completed, the test proctor or test coordinator may log in to the Avant STAMP WS (formerly WorldSpeak) test reporting website ( to view test results. Writing and Speaking scores are typically available within 10 to 12 business days after test completion. They may be available sooner, so check the test results screen periodically to determine the rating progress. After rating is complete, the proctor or test coordinator may print individual test taker reports or download an Excel file of test results. Do not allow the test takers to access the report page or see other test taker scores.

Updated October 2021
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