STAMP WS Student Profile Guide

Prior to the start of the assessment, test takers will assess login page, complete profile page information, and will access dashboard page:

Login Page

  1. Your teacher or proctor will provide you login information for Avant STAMP WS login page.

2. After entering the Test Code and Password you will see 2 buttons for starting a new test or continuing a test:

  • Start New Test: Click this button when starting a test for the first time. After clicking this button you will be asked to create a Login Name
  • Continue Test: Click this button to resume a test you have already started. You will be asked to re-enter the Login Name you entered when you started the test the first time

3. After clicking on one of the buttons you will be asked to enter your Login Name:

Test Taker Login Name
    • Login Name must be between 1-25 characters on the login page.
    • Login Name should be any combination of letters, numbers, or any of the following special characters: @ (at symbol); _ (underscore); – (hyphen); . (period); , (comma); ‘ (single quote).
    • Your teacher or proctor may have suggestions on what to enter in this field but please note that your Login Name cannot be the same as anyone else’s in your testing group

Be sure you remember how you entered your Login Name because if you need to resume you will need to use the same Login Name you started the test with previously.

After you log in, the Test Taker Profile screen will appear.  Follow directions from your teacher or proctor for entry into these fields

Profile Page

The profile page is the first screen that appears after the test taker logs in. All test takers are required to create a profile.  It is used to verify the test taker information, gather additional information about the test taker and record information about the test taker’s background with the language being tested.

The only required fields are:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Test Taker ID

  • Confirm Test Taker ID

Other fields are optional. However, we encourage test takers to use the optional fields. They provide a wealth of information that is used by testing coordinators and teachers.

The following screenshots better show the sections of the Test Taker Profile page.

After Test Takers enter a Login Name and logs in, the Test Taker Profile screen will appear where Test Takers will need to enter First Name, Last Name and Test Taker ID.

Please note that Test Taker ID is different from Login Name. However, Test Takers can use the same combination for both Login Name and Test Taker ID. Some institutions have the Test Takers enter their student ID for one and their school issued email address for the other for data tracking purposes.

Dashboard Page

After filling out the student profile information the test taker will hit the SUBMIT button and move on to the Dashboard Screen (see below).

Self-Evaluation Reading section has 7 questions that must be completed before the Writing Section.

Writing Section has 3 prompts.

Self-Evaluation Listening section has 7 questions that must be completed before the Speaking Section.

Speaking Section has 3 prompts.

Updated October 2021

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