STAMP WS Student Profile Guide


The Student Profile Page is the first screen that appears after the test taker logs in. It is used to verify the student login information, gather additional information about the test taker and record information about the test taker’s background with the language being tested.

The first two fields are required:

  • First Name (required)

  • Last Name (required)

The second two fields and selecting date of birth are optional:

  • Test Taker ID (optional)

  • Test Taker Email (optional)

  • Date of Birth (optional)

Background Information

The following required fields relate to the test taker’s background with the language. They provide a wealth of information that is included with the test results information when you use the Line Item Summary Download (see the Avant STAMP WS Reporting Guide for more information). After filling out the student profile information the test taker will hit the Next button and move on to the self-evaluation questions.

Updated September 2017

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