Avant STAMP 4S (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency)

Grades 7 - University

Adaptive, ACTFL-Aligned, Assessment of Real World Proficiency

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Avant STAMP 4S (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency)

Avant STAMP 4S was created to improve language-learning outcomes and support excellence in language programs. STAMP enables teachers to be effective in improving proficiency outcomes, and empowers administrators to make more informed decisions on curriculum and teacher training by delivering accurate data on students’ proficiency levels. Many leading language programs are using Avant STAMP data to refocus their curricula and introduce professional development to hone their teachers’ ability to deliver improved outcomes. Others are using it as a measure for student growth, to qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy and to award Competency-Based Credits.

Avant STAMP engages students with real-world content that is leveled according to the topics commonly taught at each level of instruction. STAMP’s adaptive test design adjusts to a student’s level so s/he is challenged, but not overwhelmed. And because STAMP is an adaptive test, it liberates students to show what they can do with the language – all the way up to the top of the Advanced level. Teachers are often surprised to find that their quiet students are more proficient than they had expected.

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Russian (Spring 2017)


Real Stories

  • American School of London Lexington Anchorage
  • State of Washington
  • American School of London
  • Lexington
  • Anchorage
  • State of Washington
“Avant STAMP4S data helped to identify instructional needs and to support our goal that 75% of graduating students reach the intermediate level.”
Alicia Dawn Samples
Lexington, SC District One

Cross-device Solutions

Many of Avant’s assessments are accessible on Internet-connected tablet devices, as well as computers. At this time, all but the speaking sections of Avant’s assessments can be accessed on tablet devices. We continue to work to enable all sections of our assessments to be taken on tablets.

Currently students can take our assessments at anytime and anywhere there is a proctored environment. We are in the process of implementing a remote proctoring solution that will enable students to take our assessments on a truly anytime, anywhere basis.

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