Student Process Guide

What is Avant STAMP 4S?

Avant STAMP stands for Standards-Based Measure of Proficiency and is a web-based test that assesses language proficiency. An Avant STAMP 4S test has four sections – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, and the results of this test inform test takers and educators about learning progress and program effectiveness. Avant STAMP 4S test items are based on real-world, everyday situations. Avant STAMP 4S measures a test taker’s language ability according to Benchmark Levels that are based on national standards. Test results will indicate the level of proficiency achieved for each section of the test.

Step 1: Preparation

  • To better understand the Benchmark Levels and how to reach each level, refer to the Benchmarks and Rubric Guide.

  • Take a Sample Test to familiarize yourself with the STAMP test.

  • Practice speaking/listening with peers/other speakers.

  • Explain the test is designed to be challenging and will be more difficult than what they typically experience in the classroom. Explain computer adaptiveness.

  • Explain why the test matters to them: tracking progress, working towards the SoB, knowing your real world proficiency vs. classroom, etc.


Step 2: Pre-Test

  • Did your proctor require you to bring ID? Be sure to bring it if they did.

  • Read the Avant STAMP 4S Test Taker Guide (or other preparatory material).

  • No paper, pens, pencils, cell phones, etc. are allowed in the testing area.

  • No additional applications (e.g., Word, email, chat) or browser windows are allowed to be open during testing.

  • Avant graders review all written and spoken responses and any inappropriate responses (vulgar, violent, etc.) will not be scored and will be reported to your test administrator.

  • Provide tips for each section (proctors will have this mid-test too).


Step 3: Mid-Test

  • Your proctor will provide the URL, Test Code and Password for the Avant STAMP 4S login page.

  • Make sure to follow the login name rules set by your proctor and remember how you entered your Login Name. If you need to resume, you will need to use the same Login Name you started the test with previously.

  • If you have problems with your test or technology, let your proctor know.

  • For a full breakdown of the testing experience, visit our STAMP Test-Taker Guide.


Step 4: Post-Test

  • If you are not completing the test in one session, follow the instructions from your teacher or proctor about when to click “Stop Test.”

  • You have not completed Avant STAMP 4S until you see a screen that says “Test Complete.”

  • If you need to finish the test at another time, plan to do so within 14 days of starting the test (or within the timelines specified by your teacher or proctor).


Step 5: Results

  • Your teacher/proctor will be in charge of giving out results.

  • Refer to the Power Up Guide for suggested actions that will help you attain higher levels of proficiency.

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