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What is Avant WorldSpeak?

Avant WorldSpeak is a web-based test that assesses language proficiency for Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) that can be used in the same way as Avant STAMP. Avant WorldSpeak assesses two domains – Writing and Speaking, and the results of this test inform test takers and educators about learning progress and program effectiveness. Avant WorldSpeak test items are based on real-world, everyday situations. Avant WorldSpeak measures a test taker’s language ability according to Benchmark Levels that are based on national standards. Test results will indicate the level of proficiency achieved for each section of the test.

Preparing for the Avant WorldSpeak Assessment

It's advisable to read the Avant WorldSpeak Benchmarks and Rubric Guide if you want information about the skills you need to demonstrate to achieve a certain test level.

Rules for Taking an Avant WorldSpeak Assessment

The Avant WorldSpeak assessment must be taken in a proctored environment, with a proctor who is authorized by the organization sponsoring the test.

  • No paper, pens, pencils, cell phones, etc. are allowed in the testing area

  • No additional applications (e.g., Word, email, chat) or browser windows are allowed to be open during testing

  • Avant graders review all written and spoken responses and any inappropriate responses (vulgar, violent, etc.) will not be scored and will be reported to your test administrator

Logging in to Avant WorldSpeak

  • Your teacher or proctor will provide the URL, Test Code and Password for the Avant WorldSpeak login page

  • You will need to enter a Login Name (between 1-25 characters) on the login page. Login Name may contain letters, numbers, and any of the following special characters: @ (at symbol); _ (underscore); - (hyphen); . (period); , (comma); ‘ (single quote). Your teacher or proctor may have suggestions on what to enter in this field but please note that your Login Name cannot be the same as anyone else’s in your testing group

  • Be sure you remember how you entered your Login Name because if you need to resume you will need to use the same Login Name you started the test with previously

  • After you log in, the Student Profile screen will appear where you will need to enter your information into these fields. Test Taker ID and Test Taker Email fields are optional

Taking the Avant WorldSpeak Assessment

The test starts with a Student Profile page and then a self-evaluation. The test will then flow in the following order: Writing then Speaking. The test will provide helpful instructions at the beginning of each section. Please read the instructions carefully.

Responses to test questions are submitted using the NEXT button, located at the bottom right of the screen. Scroll down, if necessary.

A warning will appear if you spend too much time on one test item. However, the warning message allows you to add more time if needed. If no entry is given when this message is displayed, you will be logged out of the test and will need to resume when you have more time.

Unless directed otherwise, complete all sections of the test until the Test Complete message appears. 

Writing and Speaking Sections

  • Provide your response using the target language you are being tested in

  • Write or record at your highest possible level

  • Provide all detail requested in the question and enough detail to fully demonstrate your writing or speaking skills

  • Stay on topic

  • Pace yourself

    • Allow sufficient time for all four of your Writing/Speaking items

    • Complete responses for all items are needed to accurately determine your proficiency level

  • In these sections, click NEXT to submit the response and move to the next screen

  • After clicking NEXT, you will not be able to return to the question

Writing Section

The Writing section consists of four test questions.

  • You will need to select the correct language for input on your computer (your proctor can show you how to do this)

  • The test will AUTO-SAVE test taker's writing every 10 seconds.

    • The test will timeout if 15 minutes have elapsed without clicking NEXT. If a timeout occurs, you will only lose your writing input since the last AUTO-SAVE

    • A 5-minute warning appears prior to a timeout; click the message if you need additional time. If no entry is given when this message is displayed, you will be logged out of the test and will need to resume when you have more time

    • If you get logged out of the test, you can log back in with the same credentials to continue from the point of the last AUTO-SAVE

  • When done with a test question, click NEXT to save the response and move to the next question or screen

Speaking Section

The Speaking section consists of four test questions.

  • Organize your thoughts before you start to record

  • To record a response, click RECORD

  • When done recording, wait two or three seconds, and then click STOP

  • After recording, click PLAY to listen to your recording

  • You can then do one of the following:

    • If you want to add to the recording, click RECORD/ADD TO RECORDING

    • If you want to delete the recording and start over, click START OVER

  • Avoid long pauses when you are recording

    • Use the STOP and RECORD/ADD TO RECORDING buttons as needed

  • When the recording is complete, click NEXT to save your response and move to the next test question or screen


For the Speaking Section, click PLAY after recording to verify that the response was recorded properly.

  • If you can't hear your voice or the response is inaudible, DO NOT CLICK NEXT.

  • You can try recording again, but should contact the test proctor or teacher if there are headset issues, or if a problem persists

  • Never click NEXT to bypass the test item –if the problem cannot be resolved during the current testing session, click STOP TEST (and resume the test after the problem is resolved)

Following these procedures will prevent having a speaking response that cannot be graded.

Completing the Avant WorldSpeak Assessment

  • If you are not completing the test in one session, follow the instructions from your teacher or proctor about when to click Stop Test

  • You have not completed Avant WorldSpeak until you see a screen that says “Test Complete.”

  • If you need to finish the test at another time, plan to do so within 14 days of starting the test (or within the timelines specified by your teacher or proctor).

Resuming the Avant WorldSpeak Assessment

To resume a test, log in exactly as you did the first time using the same credentials. The test should restart at the point where you left off. If the Student Profile screen appears instead, STOP the test. This indicates that the name entered in the Login Name field this time is different than originally entered. Try logging in again or contact your test proctor or teacher for assistance.

Updated February 2017