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Meet the Avant MORE Learning Team

Avant MORE Learning was established as a division of Avant Assessment in 2019. We provide a holistic approach to transforming language learning programs. We work with a variety of programs centered around proficiency and achieving higher learning outcomes.

Our virtual and in-person training and learning opportunities can be customized through surveys, workshops, and online products. We provide timely training on best practices in the field to assist our partners with utilizing their data to best meet their needs and goals.

Our mission is to build shared learning communities through proficiency-driven practice

Contact Dawn S., Dir. for MORE Professional Learning Avant, to help you with your world language continuing education needs. DAWN SAMPLES
Director for Professional Learning

Dawn joined Avant in 2019 following 15 years as the Coordinator for World Languages and Immersion for Lexington School District One in Lexington, South Carolina, where she created a completely performance-based and proficiency-driven program. In 2017, she was recognized as the Supervisor of the Year for the National Association of District Supervisors. At Avant, Dawn works with professionals in the field supporting language learning programs, instructional practices and assessments as the Director for MORE Professional Learning. Her goal is to provide high-quality professional learning opportunities for educators that will increase proficiency for language learners. Outside of work, Dawn enjoys spending time with her family listening to music, speaking French, running, hiking, exploring new adventures and learning about other people, their experiences and cultures.

World Language Specialist

Amanda believes that empowered teachers empower students and that every child deserves a school where they feel welcome and appreciated. She believes that language learning and instruction provide the foundations for such schools. A former high school French teacher, Amanda most recently served as the World Language and Dual Language Immersion Teacher Support Specialist for Lexington County School District One in South Carolina. In this performance-based district, Amanda supported teachers through curriculum writing, individual coaching cycles, and whole-group professional learning. She has served as the Awards Director for the Southern Conference on Language Teaching, an advocate for the Leadership Initiative for Language Learning,  and is on the executive board for the South Carolina Foreign Language Teachers’ Association for which she was president and editor of the Crescent blog. Considering herself a language fun-doer, Amanda presents at local, state, regional, and national conferences with a heart for topics involving inclusion, cultivating and powering up proficiency in the modes of communication and engagement through fun communicative activities presented in a learn-by-doing fashion.  At Avant, Amanda works with professionals in the field to support language learning programs and instructional practices through Avant More Learning. In her free time, Amanda enjoys gardening, hiking, traveling to experience new cultures, and always aspires to learn something new.

Updated November 2022

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