Working as Avant Assessment’s provider of test preparation
and practice tests for the Avant STAMP language proficiency assessment

About Extempore

Extempore is an online platform used by language educators to build practice performance assessments in the classroom or in an online learning environment for their students. They can also review student submissions, and provide feedback without having to schedule 1:1 meetings.

On Extempore, language instructors can build student proficiency and confidence through additional opportunities to engage with the target language. Customizable practice assessments can be created to feature audio, visual, text, or image prompts, where students can respond with either text, video, or audio. Entirely cloud-based, Extempore stores all assessments, responses, scores, and feedback all in one place. Timing parameters on Extempore can also be set to guarantee spontaneous language and best emulate an authentic assessment environment. Instructors can use Extempore like a blank canvas to create their own tasks, or they can import pre-made ones available. The grading feature allows instructors to give unique, personalized feedback to any type of student response. As students grow in their proficiency, both instructors and students can observe this progress through the unique portfolio, where all student work is catalogued and accessible. 

 Language students need increased opportunities to listen, speak, read, and write in the target language. Instructors can achieve all of these goals with Extempore.


Create your own tasks or modify pre-made ones to assess student proficiency. Prompt students with real-life scenarios that elicit authentic responses.


Build student proficiency and confidence through additional opportunities to engage with the target language


Differentiated feedback methods (audio, video, text, and in-line) allow instructors to facilitate linguistic understanding and fluency.

Import Avant Practice Assessments into Extempore

By combining the versatility of Extempore’s platform with pre-made importable STAMP language proficiency assessments, give your students the practice and feedback they need to succeed on STAMP tests. 

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