Hebrew STAMP Getting Started

Successful delivery for the Avant STAMP for Hebrew test typically involves people in the following roles:


Testing Coordinator

The Testing Coordinator serves as the primary point of contact and overall coordinator for Avant STAMP testing. Responsibilities include:

  • Work with Avant representatives to outline your testing groups and testing windows

  • Distribute Test Codes and Passwords to teachers/proctors

  • Determine how your organization will use the Login Name field (a required field on the Student Login Page) and provide instruction to Teachers and Proctors. 

    • Login Name refers to an identifier to be used by your organization. Every test taker must have a unique Login Name. The test taker will need to remember their Login Name to resume an “IN PROGRESS” test.

  • Be familiar with the available Avant STAMP for Hebrew user guides:

  • Ensure readiness by working with a Technology Representative

  • Check with your Technology Representative to determine if sufficient bandwidth is available for the size of your testing groups

  • Let the Technology Representative know which, if any, character-based languages and keyboard styles need to be activated on the computers that will be used for the Writing section of the test

  • Determine your testing schedule and make lab arrangements. Laptops in classrooms may be used for testing if lab time is unavailable. Avant will make every attempt to notify users in a timely manner when a program maintenance window will be utilized. Please plan for make-up exams and test completion for test takers who may take longer than expected.


Technology Representative

The Technology Representative ensures that computers used for testing meet the technical requirements and have the necessary tools for testing. Responsibilities include:

  • Be familiar with the Assessment Technology Guide and ensure that requirements are met

  • Complete the preparation steps listed in the Avant Assessment Technology Guide, including configuring headsets and activating appropriate character sets, if testing in a character-based languages



Teachers/proctors can learn about the test and help test takers do their best by completing the following tasks prior to testing:


Avant Support Representatives

  • Provide training and documentation for STAMP for Hebrew Testing Coordinators, Technology Representatives and Teachers/Proctors

  • Provide email and phone support to Testing Coordinators, Technology Representatives, Teachers and Proctors

Updated March 2022

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