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Language is the heart of dual language immersion. That is what makes these programs so special: a student’s language proficiency is the foundation for all other core subjects.

Learners thrive in an environment where they are challenged linguistically in everyday contexts and develop holistic knowledge of real-world language use. Parents enroll their students for the purpose of achieving proficiency in two or more languages.

So why is language proficiency often overlooked? With MEDLI, it’s not.

MORE Effective Dual Language Immersion (MEDLI) is a global initiative with a mission to fulfill the promise of DLI– to create a world where every child is multilingual.

Contact Dawn S., Dir. for MORE Professional Learning Avant, to help you with your world language continuing education needs.

Director for Professional Learning


Dual Language Innovation Coordinator

Brandee Mau, Director of STAMP WS Rating and DLI Specialist

Director of STAMP WS Rating & DLI Specialist

Begin with Proficiency in Mind

The key to building a highly effective dual language immersion program is accountability through language proficiency assessment data and strong instructional practices that build proficiency.

Proficiency through a DLI lens describes the language learners’ needs, both developmentally and cognitively, as they grow through the DLI program.

Language proficiency assessment tools like Avant STAMP provide the accurate and reliable benchmarking needed to:

  • inform curriculum practices.
  • demonstrate learner growth.
  • showcase program efficacy.
  • enable proactive planning for hiring and MORE!

Avant STAMPe is effective in benchmarking as early as K-1.

And, we never delete the data, so you can conduct longitudinal analyses — perfect for DLI programs. 

The Complete DLI Solution

Gathering proficiency data is the foundation. Understanding how to use the data builds sustainable practices.

Our experienced team has proven strategies for: 

  • Administrative support and coaching in starting and developing DLI programs.
  • Integrating international teachers.
  • Teacher proficiency verification.
  • Training on analysis and data-informed practices.
  • Navigating challenges in each year of the program.
  • Implementing curriculum practices based on accurate results.
  • Developing leadership capacity among teams.
  • Engaging parents, district supervisors, and school boards to build community support.

We’re building community through language proficiency. Join us on these channels!

Updated June 2023

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