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What is Avant STAMP for ASL?

Avant STAMP for ASL is a first-of-its-kind American Sign Language test. ASL learners will be evaluated first on the Receptive skill (comprehension of signed ASL videos) and after that on the Expressive skill (production of signed ASL). This computer-adaptive Sign Language test is conducted entirely online.

Before the Assessment

Prepare for the Assessment

Take a Sample Test to familiarize yourself with the layout of the test and confirm the following:

  • Your equipment is configured properly and all technology preparation steps are completed before the beginning of assessment. Refer to the Technology Guide to troubleshoot any issues and make sure the system is properly configured.

  • You can record and playback video responses. 

Rules for Taking an Avant Test

Avant Assessment’s online language proficiency tests must be taken in a proctored environment with a proctor who is authorized by the organization sponsoring the test. 

Avant’s test utilizes spontaneous, unrehearsed situations to measure real-world language proficiency. The purpose of this assessment is to measure what you are able to do with the language without the support of any translators, reference material (including taking notes during any portion of the assessment) or assistance of any kind. 

The following is NOT ALLOWED during the assessment.
  1. The use of dictionaries, textbooks, cell phones, paper, pens, or other support materials (paper-based or electronic). The only time test takers should have access to pens or pencils is if the Writing section is being administered as handwritten.
  2. Taking or using notes of any kind (digital or handwritten) for any portion of the test, including the Speaking, Writing, and Expressive sections.
  3. Writing down a Speaking or Expressive response and using it as your recorded response. This will lower your score for that response, and it may be scored as a ZERO because it involves the use of paper or reference material.
  4. Using additional computer or smartphone applications (e.g., Word, email, chat) or having other browser windows open during testing.
  5. The use of Google Translate or any other translation aid (paper-based or electronic).
  6. Using copy-paste, printing, screen capture apps/tools, video conferencing, messaging tools, or scanning and taking pictures/videos with your phone.
  7. Sharing information about questions or prompts on the test with anyone.
  8. Corresponding with anyone other than the proctor during the test. Or, receiving any advice or help from anyone during the test.
  9. Using violent, profane or inappropriate language in your responses. This will lower your score for that response and it will be scored as a ZERO. 

Rules for taking an Avant test infographic

Violating any of these rules may invalidate your assessment results. We recommend also referring to your organization’s policy on academic dishonesty. Learn more about Test Security and Integrity

During the Assessment

Login Page

  • Your teacher or proctor will provide the URL, Test Code and Password for the Avant STAMP for ASL login page

  • After entering the Test Code and Password you will see 2 buttons for starting a new test or continuing a test. After clicking on one of the buttons you will be asked to enter your Login Name

    • Start New Test: Click this button when starting a test for the first time. After clicking this button you will be asked to create a Login Name

    • Continue Test: Click this button to resume a test you have already started. You will be asked to re-enter the Login Name you entered when you started the test the first time

After clicking on one of the buttons you will be asked to enter your Login Name:

Test Taker Login Name

Login name should be:

  1. Between 5-25 characters long.
  2. Any combination of letters, numbers, or any of the following special characters: @ (at symbol) _ (underscore)  (hyphen) . (period) , (comma)  (single quote).
  3. Unique within the testing group (e.g. student or employee ID number or email).

Test takers should memorize their login name. If test takers need to stop and continue the test at a later time, they will need to enter their login name exactly as they did the first time.

  • Your teacher or proctor may have suggestions on what to enter in this field but please note that your Login Name cannot be the same as anyone else’s in your testing group.
  • Be sure you remember how you entered your Login Name because if you need to resume you will need to use the same Login Name you started the test with previously.

Profile Page

The profile page is the first screen that appears after the test taker logs in. All test takers are required to create a profile.  It is used to verify the test taker information, gather additional information about the test taker and record information about the test taker’s background with the language being tested.

The only required fields are:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Test Taker ID

  • Confirm Test Taker ID

Other fields are optional. However, we encourage test takers to use the optional fields. They provide a wealth of information that is used by testing coordinators and teachers.

After test takers enter a Login Name and log in, the Test Taker Profile screen will appear where test takers will need to enter First Name, Last Name and Test Taker ID.

Please note that test taker ID is different from Login Name. However, test takers can use the same combination for both Login Name and Test Taker ID. Some institutions have the test takers enter their student ID for one and their school issued email address for the other for data tracking purposes.

An optional email field. This field provides an additional test taker verification point. 

Dashboard Page

Test Takers will enter a Dashboard to begin testing. 

  • Receptive skill section (comprehension of signed ASL videos) has approximately 30 questions that must be completed before the Expressive skill section.
  • Expressive skill section (production of signed ASL) will have 3 prompts.

Take a Sample Test to familiarize yourself with the layout of the test.

  • The test will provide helpful instructions at the beginning of each section. Please read the instructions carefully.
  • Responses to test questions are submitted using the NEXT button, located at the bottom right of the screen. Scroll down, if necessary. 
  • After clicking the NEXT button, you will not be able to return to the question
  • Unless directed otherwise, complete all sections of the test until the Test Complete message appears. If you get logged out of the test, you can log back in with the same credentials to continue where you left off.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the following functions are disabled while taking the test: 

    • Right-click, back button, copy/paste. 
    • Off-page clicking is not allowed. Clicking outside the test will log you out. You will need a proctor’s assistance to log back in to continue the test.

Receptive Skill Section (comprehension of signed ASL videos)

Receptive skill section must be completed before the Expressive skill section.

At the beginning of this section you will see a PRACTICE question. This is only a practice question, do not spend too much time on this technology check, but make sure it is working.

Receptive skill section has approximately 30 multiple choice questions and is computer-adaptive, meaning that each new question is selected based on previous responses. As your test progresses, you may see easier or more difficult questions based upon your earlier answers.

  1. Read the situation that sets the scene.
  2. Read the question and possible answers. This will tell you what kind of information you are looking for as you view the signed message.
  3. Click the play button to view the video. You may view the video two (2) times only. After playing twice, the video play controls will become inactive.
  4. Select the best answer to the question.
  5. Click NEXT to move to the next question.

You can enlarge your screen with the following key combinations:

      • On a Windows/PC: Press the “Control” and “+” keys at the same time

      • On a Mac: Press the “Command” and “+” keys at the same time

It takes on average, 35-40 minutes to complete this section. It may take longer for test takers who are getting many higher-level test questions, which feature longer videos. The speed of your Internet connection can also affect the length of the test.

Receptive Skill Section Tips and Strategies:

Each test taker will follow a unique path as he/she moves through the test. Because Avant STAMP for ASL is used to determine language proficiency for test takers who are at Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, the Receptive skill section starts out with questions at various levels. If you are at the early stages of language learning, the test may challenge you, but don’t be frustrated if you encounter a topic or words that are unfamiliar to you. Do your best, but keep in mind that an incorrect answer on an unfamiliar topic is okay and provides the system with valuable information needed for determining proficiency.

Expressive Skill Section (production of signed ASL)

Receptive skill section must be completed before the Expressive skill section.

At the beginning of the Expressive skill section you will see a PRACTICE Prompt. This is only a practice prompt, do not spend too much time on this technology check, but make sure it is working.

In this section of the test you will record ASL signed responses to three (3) prompts.

Step 1: Before vou Start: Each prompt gives you a scenario that sets the scene. Read this first. Then, when you are ready to respond, make a recording of your response following the steps outlined below.

Step 2: Make a Recording: Record your response when you are ready to respond. Follow all of the directions for completing the task. Please watch your recording to make sure that your response was recorded properly. Below are the steps to interact with the video recorder.

    1. Click the button to turn on camera.
    2. Click the button to begin recording.
    3. Click the button to stop recording. If needed, click the button to rerecord
    4. Click NEXT to move to the next prompt. After clicking NEXT, you will not be able to return to the prompt. Do not click NEXT if the response of poor quality.

Following these procedures will prevent having a response that cannot be rated.

Expressive Skill Section Tips and Strategies:

    • Organize your thoughts before you start to record.

    • Provide your responses using American Sign Language.

    • Record your response at your highest possible level.

    • Provide all detail requested in the prompt and enough detail to fully demonstrate your skill.

    • Stay on topic.

    • Avoid long pauses when you are recording.
    • Allow sufficient time for all three of your prompts.

    • Complete responses for all prompts are needed to accurately determine your proficiency level.

Completing the Assessment

  • If you are not completing the test in one session, follow the instructions from your teacher or proctor about when to click Stop Test

  • You have not completed Avant STAMP for ASL until you see a screen that says “Test Complete.”

  • If you need to finish the test at another time, plan to do so within 90 days of starting the test (or within the timelines specified by your teacher or proctor).

Resuming the Assessment

To resume a test, click Continue Test after entering the Test Code and Password and re-enter your Login Name exactly as you did the first time. The test should resume at the point where you left off. Contact your test proctor or teacher for assistance if you experience difficulty resuming your test.

After the Assessment

Test results are delivered to the testing administrator after test completion. Test takers should contact their testing administrator to receive test results.

Updated March 2023

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