STAMP WS (formerly WorldSpeak) Test Taker Guide
for Avant’s Remote Proctoring Solution


Avant STAMP WS is a web-based test that assesses language proficiency for Less Commonly Tested Languages (LCTLs) that can be used in the same way as Avant STAMP. Avant STAMP WS assesses two domains – Writing and Speaking, and the results of this test inform test takers and educators about learning progress and program effectiveness. Avant STAMP WS test items are based on real-world, everyday situations. Avant STAMP WS measures a test taker’s language ability according to Benchmark Levels that are based on national standards. Test results will indicate the level of proficiency achieved for each section of the test.

Remote Test Taker Steps


You are responsible for ensuring the readiness of the computer you will be using for the test and that the following requirements are met:

STEP 1: Visit the Assessment Technology Guide for Remote Proctored Testing page to review technology requirements.

STEP 2: Take a STAMP WS Sample Test of the same language to confirm your computer is configured properly and all technology preparation steps are complete before registering for the test. This will also help familiarize yourself with the layout of the test and the types of questions and prompts that you can expect.

  • Confirm that you can record and playback your Speaking test response

  • Confirm that you can type your Writing test response in the language you are testing.



Read the following guides that explain what you need to demonstrate in your responses for the writing and speaking sections to achieve a certain level.



  1. Your testing coordinator will send you a Registration link.

  2. Click on the link to register

  3. After registering for the test you will receive a confirmation email that includes your login information and steps to create your account with Proctortrack.

  4. When you receive the email saying your Proctortrack account has been accepted, you will login to schedule a time to take your test.

  5. IMPORTANT: Test takers must re-login to Avant when they are scheduled to take their test. Even if they are already in Proctortrack.

Click here to learn more about the process of setting up a STAMP WS remote proctored test.



  1. Login at the scheduled time to take the test.

  2. You will have 4 hours to complete the assessment. Your 4 hours will begin when you start the assessment. Breaks are not allowed so properly prepare yourself.


    On average, test takers take around 60-80 minutes to fully complete the assessment. Advanced level test takers can expect to have longer testing times than Novice level learners.

    • Login & Self Assessment: approximately 5 minutes

    • Writing: approximately 30-40 minutes

    • Speaking: approximately 30-40 minutes

    Complete all sections of the test until the Test Complete message appears

Rules for Taking a Remote Proctored Avant STAMP WS Test

  • Use a private testing area and turn off all noise-making devices

  • This is a closed-book, closed-notes test

  • Physical books, Online, and digital resources are not allowed (cannot refer to PDFs, DOCs, or searching the web)

  • Copy-paste, printing, screen capture apps/tools, messaging tools, video conferencing tools, etc. are prohibited

  • Scanning or taking pictures with your phone is not allowed

  • Digital or handwritten note taking is not allowed

  • You will have 4 hours to complete the assessment. Your 4 hours will begin when you start the assessment.

  • Food and drinks are not allowed

  • Breaks are not allowed so properly prepare yourself

  • Complete all sections of the test until the Test Complete message appears

Taking the Remote Proctored Avant STAMP WS Assessment

The test begins with a test taker profile page and then a self-evaluation. You will start with the Writing section of the test, and finish with the Speaking section. 

The test will provide helpful instructions at the beginning of each section. Please read the instructions carefully. Responses to test questions are submitted using the NEXT button, located at the bottom right of the screen. When taking your proctored test you will need to move or minimize the proctor’s chat/control window to be able to click the NEXT button.

Complete all sections of the test until the Test Complete message appears.



  • Provide your response using the target language you are being tested in

  • Write or record at your highest possible level

  • Provide all detail requested in the question and enough detail to fully demonstrate your writing or speaking skills

  • Stay on topic

  • Pace yourself

    • Allow sufficient time for all three of your Writing/Speaking items

    • Complete responses for all items are needed to accurately determine your proficiency level

  • In these sections, click NEXT to submit the response and move to the next screen

  • After clicking NEXT, you will not be able to return to the question



Read the following guides that explain what you need to demonstrate in your responses for the writing and speaking sections to achieve a certain level.

Avant raters review all written and spoken responses and any inappropriate responses (vulgar, violent, etc.) will not be scored and will be reported to your test administrator



The Writing section consists of four test questions.

  • For some languages the test will include a character box where the appropriate symbols and accented letters are included and can be clicked. No additional action is required to set up a virtual keyboard for these languages.

  • Other languages require that a virtual keyboard is loaded. A standard keyboard will be used to type characters corresponding with the virtual keyboard.

  • To see which languages require loading a virtual keyboard visit the Writing Input Guide. This guide also includes directions for loading the virtual keyboards

  • The test will AUTO-SAVE test taker’s writing every 10 seconds.

  • When done with a test question, click NEXT to save the response and move to the next question or screen

  • You will not be able to go back to questions after clicking NEXT



The Speaking section consists of four test questions.

  • Organize your thoughts before you start to record

  • To record a response, click Begin Recording

  • When done recording, wait two or three seconds, and then click Stop Recording

  • After recording, click Listen to listen to your recording

  • You can then do one of the following:

    • If you want to add to the recording, click the + sign

    • If you want to delete the recording and start over, click on the Trash can

  • Avoid long pauses when you are recording

    • Use the Stop Recording and Begin Recording/+ Sign (Add to Recording) buttons as needed

  • When the recording is complete, click NEXT to save your response and move to the next test question or screen



For the Speaking Section, click Listen after recording to verify that your response was recorded properly.

  • If the response is inaudible or of poor quality, DO NOT CLICK NEXT.

  • If you see the Begin Recording button again after clicking Stop Recording, this is indicating no recording was captured

Following these procedures will prevent having a speaking response that cannot be rated. 

Completing the Avant STAMP WS Assessment

You have not completed the Avant STAMP WS Assessment until you see a screen that says “Congratulations! You have completed the test!” Please click the Stop Test link to logout. The final step will be to END the Proctortrack session. The test taker will do this by clicking on the control panel and then click the “END” button to close the session.

All testing results will be delivered directly to your testing administrator within 10 to 12 business days of test completion. Please contact your testing coordinator to receive your test results.

Updated March 2022

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